2076AD is fiction. It is not science fiction. However, our world is changing at an accelerated pace, which means the unbelievable today can be commonplace tomorrow or in 2076AD. Technology, education, politics, religion, medicine, social attitudes, and nature will all shape a future many of us are destined to not see. Yet, what has happened in history and what we do today lays the foundation for tomorrow. We are creating 2076AD.

We invite you to take a look at where the united states of America will be on her 300th birthday. It is a glimpse into our future. The world you encounter might be one you welcome or one that you dread. Your reaction will be a reflection of your beliefs, philosophy, and values. George is living in 2076AD. More accurately, he is awakening and finding himself in a struggle that can have world changing impact.
“Great story, also frigthening, makes one think.”
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Copyright January 16, 2020
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Kenneth J Munkens