“I cannot describe to you how much I enjoyed your novel. I do very little reading for leisure, possibly because I have convinced myself that I am much too busy to sit down with a book. However, after reading your novel, you have converted me into an individual that is reading much more than he ever thought. I found myself not being able to set your novel down; I always thrived to find out what happened next, this is what a great novel consists of to me.”
                                                            Adam M.

“It made me laugh, cry, and want to shout out loud.”
                                                            Dr. Larry R.

“I think what I liked most about the novel was the way the author kept the reader in suspense. He split up the scenes in a way that left the reader wanting to read more in order to find out what was going to happen.”
                                                            Kristi C.

“The book Downtown Dreams by Kenneth J Munkens leaves its readers with a story that they will never be able to forget.”
                                                            Derek W.

“The writer pulled the reader into the lives of characters like a magnet.”
                                                            Melissa S.
"I am a student, and teacher, of history, and I am of that certain age. I was engrossed in this book. Sometimes, when you live and experience a period of history you can't fully grasp its significance and place. Rude Awakening 1969 helped me to appreciate the importance of these 365 days in science, art, culture, history."
                                                            Laurie D.

"I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good story. If you lived through 1969, you will be amazed at what you forgot or never knew. If you were born in 1969, it is an accurate history for your birth year and a peek into the way people lived. If you love facts, history, sports, music, and trivia, you will not be disappointed."
                                                            Carol B.

"I just finished reading “Black Ice” and I must say it really tugged at my heart. It was great. I admire your work so very much. Looking forward to the next one. Keep up the great work. You are very talented!"
                                                           Sherry K.

“I was truly surprised at how good Downtown Dreams really was. I laughed many times and also caught myself tearing up at some points.”
                                                            Shannon F.
“I thought the book was extremely well written. To be honest, I do not usually get into books that much, but I am glad I got the chance to read this one. I really had a hard time putting it down. The author is extremely imaginative and creative and I hope that I can read more of his works in the future.”
                                                            Stacey D.

“The characters are so real, I feel like I know them.”
                                                            Kay S.

“This book really takes a look at life and the many trials that come along with it, good and bad. It shows the good that lives in each of us and also the evil.”
                                                            Aimee S.

“I found it difficult to stop reading once I had begun. I think this would make an excellent movie and I would be really interested in reading a sequel to the book.”
                                                            Jennifer Y.

“Downtown Dreams was an intriguing book. There were twists and turns on almost every page and kept me guessing the entire book. The book was one of those where you just can’t put it down.”
                                                            Jay M.
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Kenneth J Munkens
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