Satan's Shadow
ISBN 978-0-966-3951-5-0
Copyright February 3, 2019
424 Pages

You never know when or where it will strike. So, maybe itís time to strike back. But, how? The answer lies in Satanís Shadow, if you have the courage to enter. Those who do find that itís darker than dark in Satanís Shadow.

This is a tale of those brave souls who saw the harsh realities, entered the dragonís lair, and uncovered evil beyond their imagination.
ďOnce again, I commend you on your great writing skills. I just finished reading Satanís Shadow and yes once again you had me spellbound.Ē
Printed Copy $15.50
Kindle Version $3.99
Once again, Kenneth J Munkens takes readers on an unpredictable journey into worlds they could not imagine, but will find hard to forget. This dark adventure will test your sensibilities, cause you to question beliefs, and touch your heart.

One of Americaís most creative contemporary writers does not disappoint with an exciting and timely story that reaches from your intellect to your soul.
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Kenneth J Munkens
Satan's Shadow