Rude Awakening in 1969
ISBN 978-0-966-39513-1
Copyright June 15, 2017
818 Pages
1969 was a year unlike any other. In fact, if a writer fashioned together the events of that year into a novel it would have come across as totally unbelievable. However, what took place was real and the world changed as a result. Rude Awakening in 1969 is an epic adventure with this remarkable year as the backdrop. The tale begins in 1963 with a disaster at sea that portends future events. As 1969 unfolds, a malicious wide-reaching peril comes into focus and the evil men, and women, are capable of demonstrated. Little by little the picture develops. Surprise, unanticipated turns of events, and misdirection are all devices used to keep the story interesting, realistic, and impactful. Much like in life, you’ll find out when you get there without any hints or previews. In the end, you will have experienced 1969 as if you were there and shared the stage with characters you come to personally know and remember.
“This lengthy story is filled with intrigue, devious plots, complex relationships and fascinating characters all intertwined within the glorious and horrible events of 1969.”
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Kenneth J Munkens
Rude Awakening In 1969